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Ergonomic Solutions can help your clinic, physician office or hospital improve electronic medical records access through the use of mobile carts, computer wall mount arms, desk mount arms and adjustable workstations. These products are designed to expand the reach of care while maximizing space, enhancing workflow and improving patient care.

Office Settings

Create ergonomic workspaces for better employee health and productivity. With monitor mounts and adjustable computer furniture, you can easily place a monitor and PC where it is needed. The solutions are affordable for the business environment and the benefits are significant. The business achieves measureable ROI by improving employee wellness and satisfaction.


Today’s schools rely on useful technologies to meet the demands of teachers and their multi-linked students. Ergonomic Solutions offers a broad portfolio of products that can be an essential part of this new learning environment, supporting the technology platform while promoting a healthier, active classroom.


The government market provides significant opportunity for the Ergonomic Solutions product portfolio in healthcare, education and office settings. We offer products for applications that require mobile carts, wall mount or desk mount arms, sit-stand or adjustable desks and other ergonomic solutions. We work with customers requiring General Services Administration (GSA) or State Contracts.


Design manufacturing facilities and distribution centers with solutions that optimize workflow, improve performance and save space. Products such as mobile carts, wall mount and desk mount arms and sit-stand workstations provide real-time adjustability and mobility to the users. Well-designed ergonomic workstations will result in significant productivity increases. Systems that are secure and rugged protect your hardware investment while ergonomic designs help ensure long-term employees’ health.

Digital Signage

Whether you are communicating powerful graphics or streaming video, the appeal of digital signage is to influence audience behavior. However, one of the keys to implementing a powerful message is effective positioning. This is where companies such as Ergotron can help. Their innovative line of display mounts and mobile workstations move content to the audience, creating a powerful impact. The products are easy to install and adaptable to the unique conditions of any location.