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Adjustable Equipment, the Foundation for an Ergonomic Workstyle

Describe your work environment and we are guaranteed to have an adjustable solution for it—tight spaces, crowded spaces, high traffic spaces, it doesn’t matter. By answering the question, how do you want to mount your computer equipment, a path begins to emerge. In the world of office comfort, adjustable office furniture and mounting equipment make all the difference between a productive day and one that leaves you tired and sore at the end of it. Whether a workstation is dedicated to one user, or used across multiple shifts, adjustable features ensure each user can tailor the workstation to their unique body type, with simple, tool-free movements.

Understanding the Benefits of Sit-Stand Computing

Studies reveal, prolonged sitting is dangerous. Serious discomfort and complications can arise if workers are subjected to stagnant office environments and equipment. Adjustable desks and workstations allow workers to change postures frequently, as their body demands, helping ensure they are more alert, stay on task, and ultimately, are more productive. Investing in ergonomic and adjustable office equipment is a proactive measure to take for the long-term health of employees, and your bottom line.