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Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic comfort doesn’t stop at the chair or adjustable mounts or desks. Ergonomic accessories can make the difference for ongoing body comfort, and prevention from potential harmful impacts of prolonged computing, whether in a work or home office.

Create Safe Spaces – Manage your cables, mount equipment like CPUs, position your documents to keep your workspace neat and safe
Energize Your Legs – Use of anti-fatigue mats in sit-stand computing, or other long-term standing environment reduces fatigue and can help improve health, supports focus, and more
Protect Those Wrists & Backs – Keyboards and keyboard trays allow for proper positioning of hands, wrists and arms, which helps support upper body comfort, and prevents injury
Illuminate Properly – Various studies suggest that an ergonomically lit workplace improves productivity, while at the same time reduces errors

We cover all the bases to ensure a safe and comfortable place for you to be your best self at your work. We’re happy to walk through all your options for a fit that’s right for you.