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Amstron MedXP 300 External Battery Ver4 Amstron MedXP 300 External Battery Ver4, UL60601 Cert.

Amstron MEDXP-300 Version 4 battery is designed for devices that need maximum power between charges, and can be used for laptops, medical devices, and other electronics.

List Price: $1,199.00
Our Price: $825.00
Savings: $374.00
Amstron MedXP 300 External Battery Ver3 Amstron MedXP 300 External Battery Ver3

Featuring up to 130 watts of DC output, MedXP 300 is the most powerful battery in our external battery line up. All-day use, ability to charge while in use, easy wire management and a seamless fit into most carts, baskets and trays makes the MedXP 300 an innovative new power source for survey instruments, laptops and mobile medical devices. Compatible to thousands notebooks.

List Price: $849.99
Our Price: $680.00
Savings: $169.99

Amstron Power Solutions

The idea of having an external computer battery or portable power for your cell phone is handy from a convenience standpoint, but having a portable power solution for health care market use can be critical in situations regarding the operation of medical devices. Amstron Power Solutions manufactures a line of portable external batteries for everything from powering your iPhone or laptop for operating medical devices for as many as 10 to 15 hours without the need to be plugged into a hard-wired power source.

An Amstron battery provides the portable power needed to operate electronic devices far beyond the time allowed by those device's on-board power sources. Browse and buy laptop batteries that are UL60601-certified for use in medical facilities and can provide you with up to 11 hours of 90-watt, 19-volt portable power. Our medical-grade batteries are ideal for use in hospitals, long-term health facilities and other medical offices.