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Ergomat Infinity Bubble ESD, 2 ft. x 3 ft., Black
Ergomat Infinity Bubble ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat

List Price: $168.00
Our Price: $143.00
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Part Number: IN-ESD0203

Ergomat Infinity Bubble ESD is the only true anti-fatigue mat with lifetime warranty (from exposure in dry environments only). This mat has the comfort of a polyurethane mat and the extra benefit of easy clean-ability due to it's non-porous (closed cell) surface. Ultimately this mat is absolutely the best for areas that need good chemical and UV resistance (except for organic solvents).

Benefits of choosing Ergomat:
• Molded beveled edges
• Any size, any shape mat, always in one piece - No overlapping or worn-out connecting mats, also eliminating tripping hazards
• Silicone & latex-free
• Has both anti-fatigue and true ergonomic benefits. Promotes an increase of blood circulation throughout body, especially in standing only work environments.
• Chemical exposure will not affect the state of the mat; no curling up, swelling, or expanding. - No loss of the ergonomic properties and no tripping hazard
•Service temperature range 5⁰C (40⁰F) to 35⁰C (95⁰F)
•Anti-static properties
• ISO Cleanroom Class 5 (Class 100) rated

Colors Available:
Mat Sizes:
  • 2 ft. x 3 ft.
  • Additional sizes available by 1 ft. increments, please call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Color: Black
6 Year Warranty (12 years for retail environments):
All Ergomat product lines are conditionally warranted against normal usage* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The warranty does not cover damage
caused by the mat being dragged or pulled from a heavy load or items being pushed or dragged across the product, such as skids or pallets. The warranty against chemicals, oils, liquids, or other matter differs with the type of mat. Please consult your dealer or an Ergomat Rep to select the correct mat for your environment. The warranty periods starts from the date of purchase. The warranty only covers the replacement of the product, no direct or indirect costs are covered.
* It is considered normal usage when a person stands or walks on the Ergomat with regular footwear in an environment where the temperature is under 25º C (77º F) and the humidity is below 80%.
Over time in use, there may be yellowing of the white polyurethane on the underside of Infinity mats, similar to what you find with any white polymer.
This can be a result of cleaning products used or other environmental factors such as humidity or UV lighting, etc.
This color shift does not fall under the product warranty. It does not affect the durability, performance or functionality of the product in any way.