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Hippus Handshoe Ergonomic Mouse

The Hippus Handshoe Mouse was developed by a group of mechanical engineers, working in close co-operation with the Medical Center of Erasmus University in the Netherlands. The Hippus HandShoe Ergonomic Mouse fully supports your hand. This patented ergonomic design, along with BlueRay Track Technology, works on almost every surface without a mouse pad. Hours spent navigating a computer can have negative health effects like painful carpal tunnel. The Hippus Handshoe Mouse Light Click features a revolutionary contoured design that fits into the hand effortlessly, helping to curtail repetitive motion injuries; like Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Neck, Shoulder, Arms and Hands complaints (NSAH).

Multiple sizes are available in Wired or Wireless versions. To determine the size - measure on the inside of the stretched out hand, the distance from your wrist (the cross over between hand and arm) up to the tip of the ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size.